How to use StructureMap with OpenRasta

How do I use StructureMap with OpenRasta? Can I use it instead of the internal dependency resolver, or can I only use it in conjunction with the built-in DI (i.e. for my own application dependencies)?



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Map structure code here

Build it, then refer to the library. Or you could git submodulate it.

Then add the following code to your openrasta project p>

public class DependencyResolver : IDependencyResolverAccessor
    public IDependencyResolver Resolver
        get { return new StructureMapDependencyResolver(ConfigureContainer()); }

    public static IContainer ConfigureContainer()
        var container = new Container();
        container.Configure(c => c.Scan(s =>
            //normal SM registrations

        return container;


Hope it helps

ps Structure Map is not officially supported, you are probably better off with Castle / Ninject.



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