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I would like to use SOLR to search in my android app. Is this something I can do? If you could point me to some sample code there? Thanks to


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Depends. Solr is a fairly heavy server application, and is not suitable for running on an Android device.

You want to run Solr on a server somewhere and connect your Android app to Solr over HTTP.

However, Solr is not intended to be used as a public HTTP application (see the wiki page for Solr security ), so it is usually best to write a small web service that acts as a proxy while offering a simplified API for your Android -applications.



In a specific Android app that I know, they are using an API endpoint written in the Python Framework that talks about JSON. They use MySQL and Solr for persistence and some kinds of data are stored exclusively in Solr. And yes, they use Solr for its query capabilities.

Do "design android client layer ↔ API ↔ persistence layer; do not expose any databases directly to the android client. As Mauricio Scheffer pointed out, Solr is not smart enough to protect itself from delete *

someone reverse-engineering your application; a properly designed API can handle illegal requests.



doing a SOLR search on a mobile device using this modified class for ANDROID



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