ASIHTTPRequest starts but never ends

I have used ASIHTTPRequest a thousand times. This time is not different or special, but ... when I run the query in the simulator (iOS 5.0) everything is fine, when I run one on the iPad connected during development everything is fine, but when I record the AdHoc assembly and load its on the iPad, that one ASIHTTPRequest is triggered but never completed or executed. Well, I suppose it starts. Any ideas?

By the way, the same application uses ASIHTTPRequest - these are several other places and everything works fine.


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Apparently there is a bug in ASIHTTPRequest. If you disable optimization for ASIFormDataRequest.m ASIHTTPRequest.m everything works.

You will enable optimization by selecting the target project, select the file in the Compile Sources section of the Build Phases tab; and add -O0 (capitol O zero).

Everything is explained here



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