Can I only submit armv6 (not armv7) code to the app store for an app that supports iOS 4.2+?

Is armv7 an absolute requirement to submit to app store currently?

The app is built against the latest xcode, against the latest sdk (5.1), but with a minimum iOS version of 4.2. If we uninstall armv7 (due to a third party library, please don't ask), can we still only submit to the app store with armv6?



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Short answer: Yes

I guess if you are targeting iOS 4.2+ it includes second generation devices (my iPod touch has 4.2.1) ... and they only work with armv6.

Anyway ... apps running on armv6 are running on armv7.

Now ... if you haven't tested your app on a second generation device, I suggest you make the minimum iOS, which should be 4.3 (as in the third gen +)



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