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We are using JQuery AJAX for login. The logon service issues an HTTP 302 specifying the GET location for the user logging in, or (in case of login failure), a REST endpoint that always returns an unauthorized HTTP status. At the same time as 302, we are issuing a set of cookies for the JSESSIONID. Cookies cookies HttpOnly.

When using a direct HTTP form post, the redirect works fine and everything is set. When using JQuery AJAX, the redirect to GET / user / {userId} doesn't work as the cookie is not sent with the second call. This invalid second call should cause another redirect to the endpoint with a terminating error, but it actually doesn't. By checking this, I see that the second call is "Canceled". What does this mean and how do I fix the problem in the first place?


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You may be wrong about the policy of the same origin. Is the domain you are logging in from in the same file that the page / script file was sent from?

If not, you will need to use CORS (Cross Source Resource Sharing) to force the cookie to stick.

You can learn more about this here:





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