UISegmentedControl various behavior deployed on iOS 5 and iOS 5.1


 NONE    |    Center Blur    |     B/W


 NONE    | Center Blur       |     B/W

Center markup blurred well on target iOS 5. However, on iOS 5.1, header layouts were hooked up. I look at the UISegmentedControl header file, UISegmentedControlStyleBezeled claims it is deprecated.

I need to find some solution to replace the current implementation. Do I need to place a lot of bg img in a segmented control? Anyone have a good idea?


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As you noticed, even though the docs don't show it is UISegmentedControlStyleBezeled

outdated so shouldn't use it anymore. This is a known issue ( http://openradar.appspot.com/11038316 ) with regression to 5.0 where it worked.

If you want a design like this, yes, you have to go through the pain of coding it. Or as a workaround, as @Hlung says here , you can use UISegmentedControlStyleBar

with elevated heights.



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