Emacs isearch lazy highlight for whole buffer

the default isearch behavior underlined the world that matched the current windows. how can i change this behavior, let it highlight the world that matches in the entire current buffer.


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Perhaps you are looking for highlight- * commands to keep things highlighted throughout the buffer while other activities are being performed?

M-s h C-h:

Global Bindings Starting With M-s h:

key             binding
---             -------
M-s h l         highlight-lines-matching-regexp
M-s h p         highlight-phrase
M-s h r         highlight-regexp
M-s h u         unhighlight-regexp


You can also use M-s h rduring search to call the highlight for the current search query.

Tangentially, you can also refer to the current search query with M-s o

Use C-h C-h bduring isearch to see all isearch bindings.



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