Any documentation available for xe: objectData?

It seems that the objectData control can be used as a performance boost for an xpage application. I understand the main idea, but there is still a problem to get it to work correctly. Using objectData as an input for re-control avoids unnecessary redo update during a partial update that was initiated on a different update than the redo identifier. But due to the cache mechanism in objectData, objectData is not updated when the div environment is partially updated, for example. By specifying the scope of the query, objectData is refreshed, but the partial refresh issue also refreshes data sources outside of refreshId. A bit weird, I know, but I don't know how to explain it better.

So is there any documentation or sample on how to use objectData? Typed one sample in the JDBCDB sample but it didn't help.


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In the context of the repeated / specific line use case, enter Partial Execution (execMode = "partial" / execId = "foo") in addition to updating the line partially. This hones the component tree execution on the line of interest and avoids unnecessary processing outside of the specified target area.

As far as documentation for objectData is concerned, the best example of work is indeed in the XPagesJDBC.nsf database (JDBC_RowSetDatasource.xsp) - it briefly demonstrates the use of this data source as a delegate to create a specialized DataContainer object from the current "row", a variable, and vice versa, control a specialized function to save the DataContainer object during the save process. While this example handles the delegation of SQL processing for the current row, the same approach is applicable in many use cases (for example: one example, the base view could be an XML document view where you need to delegate the processing of each row to the objectData datasource through a specialized specialized object XML processing).



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