Inspect.currentframe () might not work on some implementations?

According to the docs :


Returns the frame object for the stack callers of the frame.

CPython implementation details: This feature is based on the Python stack support for a frame in the interpreter, which is guaranteed not to exist in all Python implementations. Returns None if executed in a non-Python Stack Frame implementation.

How is it that only this function is marked as "implementation-dependent"? If this function does not work, will similar functions such as inspect.trace

, inspect.stack

etc. not be available ?

Also, what does "stack frame support" mean and why was it ever missing?


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Stumbled upon this question while looking for the answer itself. Availability is inspect.currentframe

tied to sys._getframe


def currentframe():
    """Return the frame of the caller or None if this is not possible."""
    return sys._getframe(1) if hasattr(sys, "_getframe") else None


Thus, the limitation applies to all other functions using sys._getframe

. For inspect

this only inspect.stack


Unlike inspect.trace

used sys.exc_info

. It is an integral part of the exception handling schemes and should always be available. All other related functions eg. getframeinfo

already rely on having a frame. Their applicability depends on whether you want to check for an exception or monitor traffic.

Note that mine is local, jython supports by default sys._getframe

. ipy works if works with -X:Frames




Other implementations that the docs refer to are Jython and IronPython. These are Python implementations that run in a different virtual machine (JVM and CLR) and do not have such a stack frame. I think IronPython later added some support for this.



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