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I'm looking for an iOS-style jQuery Mobile TabBar that has been "fixed" at the bottom of the screen, for example by padding the TabBar. The important thing is that it must be able to scroll the "content" div.

Also it shouldn't hide if you scroll like here http://www.stokkers.mobi/valuables/bartender.html#landing


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You can use this plugin that you linked from http://www.stokkers.mobi/valuables/bartender.html#landing . Just use it with JQM 1.1-RC1 instead of the 1.0 beta used in this demo. JQM 1.1-RC1 introduced real fixed toolbars to the library. Here is a jsfiddle demonstrating a plugin with JQM 1.1-RC1.

Update. JQM 1.1.0 Final has now been released.



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