Replace the application loader, but the status is "Pending Review"

I just tried loading the application through Application Loader, but it froze in the middle of loading (the percentage was in the middle and the window was not responding). However, in iTunes Connects I now see that the status is Pending Review.

Is it possible that the status changed even though the binary was not fully loaded? Or was the download complete and only my eyes were stuck?

Finally, the question is whether I should reject the binary and download again, or continue browsing safely.


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While it is in Pending Review, you can change the binary at any time without losing its queue in the application's view queue, so if you want to be sure, you can change it without any problems.



While "Waiting for Verification", when you resubmit your binary, rejecting the old one , you lose your line in the queue.

If you reject your binary, your app status will change to Developer Rejected. When you resubmit your binary, the verification process starts from the beginning.

From page 83 at

Demz's answer is incorrect (I have no right to comment on it).



I would definitely give up on your application and re-download it. If it turns out that nothing is wrong, then no problem, but if something is wrong, you may end up ditching Apple.

In addition to this, you may want to use the new app loader built into Xcode, I found it to be a more streamlined process.



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