Entity Framework 4.3 with SQL Server Express Migration Exception

I have installed (remote) SQL Server Express for my ASP.NET MVC with Entity Framework 4.3 project. On my local machine using SQL Compact, everything works fine. When I try to connect to the SQL Express server I got the following error when called migrator.Update()


The INSERT permission was denied on the object '__MigrationHistory', database 'MyDataBase', schema 'dbo'.


On the server, I did the following:

  • Created a user with SQL Server credentials
  • Created a database called MyDataBase

Any ideas?


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2 answers

The role of the DB db_denydatareader

, db_denydatawriter

should be marked for the newly created user.



I was getting this error too. To fix this, I added db_owner to my custom "Role Role Membership" and checked the db_owner checkbox under Schemes Owned by This User (SSMS 2008).



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