Get Cell-Tower iOS Information

I am working on a field test that targets the iPhone 4. So it would be nice to get any information about the serving cell. I can get the signal strength using CoreTelephony:

int (*CTGetSignalStrength)();
CTGetSignalStrength = dlsym(ptrLibraryHandle, "CTGetSignalStrength");
sstrngth = CTGetSignalStrength();


This works very well on iOS 4.3 and even 5.0. But does anyone of you know how to access CellInfo from the same (or maybe different?) Library?

I tried it with a UI app and with an iOS command line app (running via openssh on the phone) - no success: the returned cell count is always 0, whereas, however, the connection to the cell service was successful.

This code is used:

From this post: After getting cell info, EXC_BAD_ACCESS is thrown

(I answered this post with a question, and I don't know yet how the community handles the responses, which are actually questions, so I created a real question)

Does anyone have this code (or other code that accomplishes the same)?


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