How to host the Umbraco 5 website

I hope I ask this question in the right place. I also asked on the umbraco forum but have not received a response yet.

I am having a problem deploying my Umbraco 5 website to external hosting.

On a local machine, I used the Umbraco 5 template for VS2010, which works great (albeit quite slow).

When I publish to the server, I get 500 errors.

So far I've tried to install a fresh copy of umbraco on the hosting (works great). I copied the config files to the hive vendor folder (in App_Data) to point umbraco to my hosting database. This is no exception. The problem starts when I copy views and partial views - umbraco then finds the template defined in the database and tries to load it.

It is worth mentioning that I also copied the project.dll file to the bin directory on the server - the reason for this is because I added a new controller that inherits from the surface controller (in the / Controllers folder).

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Cheers Sebastian


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This is nothing more than an MVC3 website deployment. There are quite a few questions with this signature here.

Visual Studio has several tools to help you with this process. Publish feature found by right clicking on the project in the solution explorer.

If you are using a template for development do you have a working umbraco solution locally correct? If so, it is easier to just deploy / publish the whole site using bit copies to another umbraco solution.

Publish tool

When using this tool, keep in mind that umbraco has quite a few configuration files, etc., and all of them must be included. Therefore, it is probably easiest to export all files to folders by changing the which files to include option in the publishing tool. Unfortunately, all of your .cs files will be included too, but later they might be filtered out of the publishing process. Make it work first and then make it awesome :)

The same goes for compile mode, I found that release mode sometimes breaks everything, so just keep it in debug mode for now. Then, when you're up and running, you can go into release mode for a small performance boost.


  • include all required files
  • change connectionstrings
  • copy databases
  • custom errors, you don't want your visitors to see the YSOD with your internal debug information.
  • disable tracing and debugging!

After reading this, you should go ahead and look for other more advanced resources.



"Then umbraco finds the template defined in the database and tries to load, which" is the key point for me

no matter which version you follow templates and document types are umbraco backbone (from your site I know you know higher than me, but repeat.) I mean you created a new website, but there are no relative templates and Doctype, but you are trying to use them in views and views and it caused a problem.

To do this, create a tempalte and doctype in the same way as in your staging site and this issue will be resolved.

Better yet, start development with a new site and replicate that after defining the type and doc templates for your stage.

I hope I can explain my point of view.

Thanks, Jigar



I have had problems deploying Umbraco 5 projects in the past. When you host the Umbraco 5 website on a new server and before you enable the website in IIS, go to the \ App_Data \ ClientDependency folder and delete any XML files that there is. Then go to the \ App_Data \ Umbraco \ HiveConfig folder and delete the ConfigurationCache - *. Bin.

Once you've done that, recycle your application pool and get your site up and running.



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