How to Install and Use Modules in SilverStripe

Using SilverStripe I want to use a dropdown with multiple selections on my page.

How can I install and use modules for this?


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General approach to installing a module in SilverStripe:

  • Prerequisite: As always, back up your database.
  • Log in to your site as an administrator. I always do this first, in case some change prevents logging in later (usually if you change existing code but logging in first never hurts).
  • Unpack the unit and place it in its basic installation folder (where sapphire

    , cms

    , mysite

    , are ...).
  • Make sure the folder is named correctly, it should be described when downloading. If there is no specific description, leave the name as it was after unpacking. The folder name must not have a version number.
  • Go to

    - to keep your database in sync with your code.
  • You can use the module ...


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