Comments Facebook plugin - how to sort comments?

I have an FB comment plugin here: and it works, but the sorting is a little weird. How do I get that arrow at the top to access the sort options? Thanks you


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I "solved" this :) The sorting option becomes automatically available when adding comments. I have about 13 comments and it works!



I already answered this thread in another thread, but I will repeat it :)

<div class="fb-comments" data-href="your-website" data-num-posts="5" data-width="638" data-order-by="reverse_time"></div>


So anyway, the key value for setting is data-order-by = "reverse_time" .



Facebook didn't allow external sorts / order tags or command but im solved simple steps :)

editing and running files on your local server


  • search / search colorscheme:this.getAttribute('colorscheme')

    in all.js`
  • change this line order_by:'reverse_time'

  • save it!

    • If you want a different default order to allow these options reverse_time



    • and don't forget to change the facebook js url on the comments page.

<div id="fb-cont"><script src=""></script>



Or you can use this direct link 26origin% 3Dhttp% 253A% 252F% 252F WWW.YOURSITE.COM % 252Ff846e27164d9b3% 26% 3Dparent.parent ratio% 26transport% 3Dpostmessage & href = HTTP% 3A% 2F% 2FWWWW.YOURSITE_trfCOM% 2FS = 25 & SDK = Joey & width = 470 & view_as_moderator = 1 & controller_id = feedback_1qpSRehzyIefEfw0h & owns_pages = 1 & command = page & limit = 50 & offset = 0 & order_by = reverse_time

Pay attention to WWW.YOURSITE.COM and SUBDIRECTORY between & href = ......... &

This forum gave me a lot of ideas and work around, so now I have a chance to pay a little.

Hope it helps.



Nemanja's solution even works with the fb: comments tag.

Adding data-order-by = "reverse_time" as a comment block tag attribute allows you to sort comments by reverse time.



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