How to change Linux shell on a remote machine that does not support ypchsh

How do I change the shell on a remote PC? I am logged into a cluster with Bash and the output I see is

elan@l01:~ $ chsh
chsh: can only change local entries; use ypchsh instead.
elan@l01:~ $ ypchsh
-bash: ypchsh: command not found


Since I do not have root privileges, I cannot install ypchsh on the cluster. Is there any other way to change the shell without calling ypchsh?

Note 1: Viewing, it looks like another user who has installed the same software (currently not available for polling) has a .cshrc in their directory with the correct settings. Its .bashrc is minimal and has no redirection.

The / etc / passwd file has no entry for either of us.

getent passwd


shows an entry for both of us, but only shows / bin / bash for both.

Note 2: The software was developed with autotools and using Bash instead of tcsh has been known to generate incorrect builds. (I don't change the shell because I like it.)

Thanks, Elan


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B .bashrc

, put it exec tcsh




Once you're in bash on a cluster, why don't you just type tcsh

? And if that works, why not just add it as the last line .bashrc




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