Extract OLE Object (Text Document) from Access DB

I have a Microsoft Access 2000 database. I am accessing it through Office 2007. I have Word and text (.txt) files as OLE objects in the database, the content of which should be displayed in the report. I am using a Bound Object Frame whose origin is set to the column of the table containing these documents.

The problem is that the streamlined objectframe does not display text in Report or Design view, even if there are only a few characters in the file. Any suggestions on what I am missing?


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Check how OLE objects are inserted. Is the "Linked" checkbox checked or not? Then check the OLE Allowed Property on the Data Tab of the Bound Object Frame. Hopefully it matches what the "Linked" checkbox says?

Otherwise, try simply dragging the OLE field directly into the report and see if the default settings used by Access don't work. (Not sure if what you did or if you manually placed the Bound Object Frame and set its recording source)

Just a few first tips for troubleshooting ...



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