Setting a stereotype with a qualifier won't work?

Setting a stereotype as a qualifier?

I can't figure out why it seems invalid to include a qualifier when specifying a stereotype?

Attempting to do this resulted in the following error message:

WELD-001103 Cannot declare qualifiers on stereotype interface


If this is by design, I am curious why or am I doing something wrong? Tried looking for it but couldn't find anything



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From the way I understand the spec, the main idea of ​​a qualifier is to qualify a single bean in case of ambiguous dependencies.

In contrast, the main idea behind the stereotype is to combine separate combinations of scope / named / interceptor / alternative annotates to be reused across multiple beans.

This contradicts each other, so I'm not too surprised that this is forbidden by the container-event, although it is implicitly targeting the spec (without specifying qualifiers as valid for stereotypes).



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