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Here is the contorller directory of the application from the Rails project

** app controller directory **

do my own research for rails, but from what I understand, if I create a directory in the app folder, then I have to execute all route files that match this route:

match "/editor/usynkdataeditor/saveusynkeditor"


A question to the community is the best way to define the directory structure for a specific workflow, or safely define all controllers in the parent controllers directory.


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If you create an additional directory in the controllers directory, you are actually using your controllers namespace.

So this controller will:

class Editor::UsynkdataeditorController < ApplicationController
  def saveusynkeditor


In terms of routes, you can do something like:

MyApplication::Application.routes.draw do

  namespace :editor do
    get "usynkdataeditor/saveusynkeditor"



Which route will give you:

$ rake routes
editor_usynkdataeditor_saveusynkeditor GET /editor/usynkdataeditor/saveusynkeditor(.:format) editor/usynkdataeditor#saveusynkeditor


Or, it is advisable to just use quiet routes instead of saveusynkeditor like this:

MyApplication::Application.routes.draw do

  namespace :editor do
    resources :usynkdataeditor do
      collection do
        get :saveusynkeditor



when you receive:

$ rake routes
saveusynkeditor_editor_usynkdataeditor_index GET    /editor/usynkdataeditor/saveusynkeditor(.:format) editor/usynkdataeditor#saveusynkeditor
                editor_usynkdataeditor_index GET    /editor/usynkdataeditor(.:format)                 editor/usynkdataeditor#index
                                             POST   /editor/usynkdataeditor(.:format)                 editor/usynkdataeditor#create
                  new_editor_usynkdataeditor GET    /editor/usynkdataeditor/new(.:format)             editor/usynkdataeditor#new
                 edit_editor_usynkdataeditor GET    /editor/usynkdataeditor/:id/edit(.:format)        editor/usynkdataeditor#edit
                      editor_usynkdataeditor GET    /editor/usynkdataeditor/:id(.:format)             editor/usynkdataeditor#show
                                             PUT    /editor/usynkdataeditor/:id(.:format)             editor/usynkdataeditor#update
                                             DELETE /editor/usynkdataeditor/:id(.:format)             editor/usynkdataeditor#destroy


There is a really good explanation at http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#controller-namespaces-and-routing of what you are trying to achieve in rails guides.

Finally, to answer your question:

  • The best way? Well, that depends on your preference. How do you like your code? You can use a namespace, but you don't need it. Nevertheless,
  • At the same time, there is nothing wrong with having all controllers in the parent controller directory.


This falls under Namespacing and is generally considered the best approach to what you are trying to do. Check it.



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