Request returns nothing

I am trying to get some results from the database, but the query is not working!

String sqlFindModel = "SELECT * FROM [PRODUCT] WHERE [PN] LIKE ('*" + textBox1.Text + "*')";


When I trim the "WHERE [PN] LIKE ..." part, it works fine. When I replace LIKE with '=' and search for Exact value, it works.

I am embarrassed.

PS - Interestingly, when you execute Query directly in ACCESS you should use *; but when using C # and connecting to MS Access you need to use% ... interesting!


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not used for wildcards in SQL LIKE expressions - %


However, you shouldn't just change your code to use %

- instead, you should fix your code so that it is not vulnerable to SQL injection attacks . You should use parameterized SQL instead. See the documentation for an example OleDbCommand.Parameters




Consider whether Access' undocumented comparison operator makes it easier to access this comparison operator ALike


"SELECT * FROM [PRODUCT] WHERE [PN] ALike '%" + textBox1.Text + "%'"



signals that ANSI wild cards are expected to access the db engine (% and _ instead of * and?). This way your request can work the same whether you run it from an access session or outside an access session using OleDb.

I have seen objections ALike

to the fact that this is not standard SQL. However, when adapting Access queries to other db models, I prefer to change ALike

to Like

instead of changing * and? up to% and _.



Try replacing the * character with%



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