Mongo / Mongoid will create but not update the model

I have an app that updates a post if it exists, otherwise it creates a new one. This post contains inline docs:

class Post
  embeds_one :tag, :as => :taggable, :class_name => 'TagSnippet'

class TagSnippet
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :name
  embedded_in :taggable, polymorphic: true


The message is updated in the controller with the following code:

@post = Post.where(--some criteria which work--).first
if @post
  @post.attributes = params
  @post =


This code starts and updates non-embedded documents, but does not update embedded documents. Oddly enough, when I debug Rubumine, all of the attributes @post

change accordingly (including the built-in ones), but no matter the database is not updated.

This points me to some kind of mango or manga problem, but rolling the mango and mango stones did not make any difference.


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I assume your inline document is defined like this:

field :subdoc, type: Hash


I ran into this a couple of times. Short explanation: Mongoid does not track changes within sub-widths.

doc.subdoc.field_a = 1 # won't be tracked

sd = doc.subdoc.dup
sd.field_a = 1
doc.subdoc = sd # should be tracked


So, if Mongoid doesn't find an assignment, it doesn't mark the attribute as dirty and therefore doesn't include it in the update operation.

Test this theory by typing doc.subdoc_changed?

before saving.



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