Synchronization with Integration View with Transparent Stream

In my easy-to-understand integration view, there is a "Synchronize with stream" option that is sometimes enabled and sometimes disabled. What determines if this is enabled or disabled? Also it seems that when I click this it just refreshes the integration view. So why do we need a separate feature like "Synchronize with Stream" when we can just update the integration view?


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This button is only active when the configuration of your view (i.e. the list of baselines listed in the configuration spec) does not match the configuration of your stream.

The fact that it also updates the view is just a side effect of your snapshot view.
For a snapshot view (i.e. a view on your disk):

  • Updating the view only will update the content based only on the specified view configuration spec (no change)
  • synchronizing the view with the stream will result in an update based on the updated view config spec (i.e. the view config spec automatically overwritten for you after reading the associated stream config)

The fact that it updates your "integration view" is simply because your view is associated with an integration flow.
But as my previous answer on Integration Stream vs Integration View in ClearCase shows , there can be many other views (related to many other sub-streams, also called Development Streams).

Note: the cleartool command is actually behind this button:

cleartool -tag view setcs -stream.


If you execute it in the root of the snapshot view:

cleartool setcs -stream


It initiates an update (after updating the configuration spec)



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