How to update Arduino firmware in place from SD card?

I am working on iDigi connector ( ) in Arduino Mega. I want iDigi to be able to remotely update my Arduino's firmware. My plan for the first pass is as follows:

  • Use an Ethernet shield with built-in SD card slot connected to Arduino Mega
  • Download the firmware from iDigi to Arduino Mega SD slot.
  • Go to a regular program in RAM (or SD card) that contains enough software to write the Atmel flash and write a new sketch
  • Reboot!

I hope to find someone else who has already done this. Has anyone seen anything? The closest I can find is an approach that uses two Arduinos - the second run of the block bootloader to be updated: -sd-card /

I also found some people running various bootloader projects, but if at all possible I would like to use the default bootloader.

Any ideas or links?


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I've done some research too, here's what to check:



I couldn't get the above to work, BUT I found an alternative that works. Follow the discussions here



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