Xpath filters elements with a specific element

I'm not sure about the terminology, so I'm having trouble finding leads.
Basically, I have something like



And I want to request a list of books that don't have sci-fi as one of the genres. I tried something simple like

//book[//book/genre != "sci-fi"]


With the idea that it will return all books that do not have a genre element with the value "sci-fi", but it will still return the first one because one of its genres is not "scientific",

Also, how would I formulate this question so that people understand what I'm talking about?


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The square bracket term is a predicate. You are looking for book elements that do not have a child called genre with the text "sci-fi". This will fit all books in at least one genre that is not sci-fi.

//book[genre != "sci-fi"]


The following will do what you want:

//book[not(genre = 'sci-fi')]


And note that you can add additional paths to the end of this, so if your book had an item title

, you could get all the titles with:

//book[not(genre = 'sci-fi')]/title




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