Swank- clojure and slime no longer interact in emacs

I made a mistake while updating existing ports with MacPorts - now slime and swank-clojure no longer work. I get the following message when I call clojure-jack-in

in emacs:

Versions differ: 2011-04-16 (slime) vs. 20100404 (swank). Continue? (y or n)


Typing y

will bring up the slime REPL, but then when I try to evaluate the expression in the REPL, I get a different message:

Not connected. Use `M-x slime' to start a Lisp. 


What's going on here?

Here are the relevant parts of my file init.el


;; slime
(setq inferior-lisp-program "/opt/local/bin/sbcl")
(add-to-list 'load-path
(add-hook 'slime-repl-mode-hook
      (defun clojure-mode-slime-font-lock()
          (require 'clojure-mode)
        (let (font-lock-mode)
(require 'slime)
(slime-setup '(slime-repl))
(eval-after-load "slime" '(slime-setup '(slime-fancy slime-banner)))

;; clojure
(add-to-list 'load-path
(require 'clojure-mode)
(defun turn-on-paredit () (paredit-mode 1))
(add-hook 'clojure-mode-hook 'turn-on-paredit)



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swank-clojure only works with version 20100404 drain:


Currently the option is only for downgrading slime.



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