IOS app disconnects without error, just (lldb)

My app seems to crash randomly lately with no errors or exceptions. The console just shows (lldb)

light blue. I have an exception handling exception and still nothing. This happens randomly. I can repeat the same task over and over and sometimes it will, and sometimes it won't. It also happens sometimes in random places in the application.

So far, what I have read is perhaps just a debugger crash lldb

, not my application, but I hadn't noticed it before.

Any ideas on how to determine the cause of the failure?

It seems it started when I added MBProgressHUD to my application.


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I ended up using Crittersism and Test Crash Reporting to help find the area where it was happening. It looks like it's because I was using core data on a background thread.



I also ran into a similar error - I just got a blue lldb in the console with no further information. However, I was getting exc_bad_access in the debug navigator, so I knew it was a memory issue. I ended up tracing it down to the release command which I shouldn't have done.

Are you getting any details about the error in the debug navigator?

If yes, please provide.

The launched object can explain why the application will crash at random moments, since (from what I understand) the system will not always immediately shutdown your object just because you sent it a release command, however it will do it sooner or later.



I've been trying to fix this issue for the last 2 hours or so, and as it turns out, I just had a breakpoint in Xcode. This may not be the case, but if anyone stumbles upon this thread, check your breakpoints. In Xcode, click that arrow , then right click your breakpoints and remove them.

Not sure if this will be useful to anyone or if I'm just stupid, but save yourself 2 hours and check your breakpoints :)



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