How do I get a list of all COM Automation servers?

I am trying to call various APIs that show up as COM from Silverlight, which is only possible when they are part of a registered Automation server and have an appropriate projection. A word, for example, would be "Word.Application". How do I get a list of all registered servers with their respective programs?

I found the Component Services snap-in, but I can't find the progs that I know of. Edit: the snap looks like it should be there, I found a properties window that shows the application IDs for some COM + and DCOM applications, but I can't find obvious servers like Word. The COM + tree contains only half a dozen entries.


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The list of automation servers is in the registry under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. From Silverlight, the key name is progid, CLDID is the CLSID subkey value.

I found this after Hans Passant made a comment on my question which mentions the registry.



PrimalScript from Sapien Technologies Inc. has an object browser that does a great job of listing all used COM objects / interfaces on the system.



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