EASY way to use iCloud with MonoTouch?

I need to add iCloud to my iPhone / iPad MonoTouch app allowing user to store app data in the cloud. Unfortunately, it looks like iCloud is too complex for anything, which in my opinion should be substantially reduced to three simple methods (pseudocode):

1) bool SaveFileToiCloud (AppIDstring, @ "filename.dat", file_stream);

2) Datetime GetFileLastUpdatedTimeOniCloud (AppIDstring, @ "filename.dat")

3) byte [] LoadFileFromiCloud (AppIDstring, @ "filename.dat");

I have read and watched the entire Using iCloud with MonoTouch workshop:

Slides for this session:


Video for this session:


Code for this session:


Unfortunately, the workshop confirmed that iCloud management is more difficult.

Is there a different and faster way to use iCloud in MonoTouch?

Is there any open source framework or library that can wrap all the iCloud configuration and setup code and just give us something as simple as the three methods above?

Thanks in advance.


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iCloud is still very recent, so you are unlikely to get an immediate response for a lighter API. IOW I'm sure other people feel the same way you do and that this will eventually lead to easier alternatives.

If you want this to happen faster, I suggest you fill out this Xamarin User Voice request . I think the Mobile Cloud API , which can be used with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, would be a great addition to the products.



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