Block the current thread for execution until the variable is updated by another thread

my code:

    private  AtomicBoolean fetched1 = new AtomicBoolean(false);

    private int  rowCount;

    public int getRowCount() {
            data.getRealm().exec(new Runnable(){
                public  void run() {
                    rowCount = data.size();
            return rowCount;


It looks like it works for me right now, but I'm not familiar with threading (it always confuses me), should I do it like above in some way?


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Should I do it like the code above?

It looks like a spinning loop that will use unnecessary processor. Better to use wait

and notify

to signal that data has been retrieved. Something like:

   private final Object lock = new Object();
   private volatile Integer rowCount = null;

      public void run() {
         rowCount = data.size();
         synchronized (lock) {

  synchronized (lock) {
     // we loop here in case of race conditions or spurious interrupts
     while (rowCount == null) {


I don't think you need to get it AtomicBoolean

at all. You have to do rowCount

be volatile

and then check its value. Cycle while

is a good pattern to follow due to producer / consumer conditions and spurious interrupts.



You have two problems.

  • the first thread is busy waiting, which is usually undesirable.
  • the template cannot be expanded to more threads, as the second thread might try to set to true.

Instead, the simplest pattern is to lock an object and wait / notify when a value changes.



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