VS2010 - How to Change What Solution Manager Displays

I use Visual Studio 2010, and sometimes in some of my projects for reasons unknown to me, the "folders" shown in the Solution Explorer and I can never change them unless I create a new project and copy the files.

I want the Solution Explorer to display Header Files, Source Files, and Resource Files instead of Debug.

Here is an image of what I want it to display, for example when I create a new project:


Here it is sometimes displayed:


I looked in the menu and I couldn't find anything to change it.

Edit: Someone posted that I had "Show all files" in the second image, but they deleted their post. So yeah why it didn't work. I feel like an idiot not noticing, but I thought the button and the one on the left (which is "Properties") were mutually exclusive, so I tried to click on "properties" but not "show all files".

Thanks who posted the answer and deleted it.


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To fix this, simply uncheck the "show all files" checkbox that appears in the second image.



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