Microsoft Hadoop Integration

I read that they have now given up on their HPC project and headed to Hadoop. And that they will provide their own hadoop installation package, which will supposedly be more integrated with .NET.

Where can I get documentation for this plan? Architecture and how to start experimenting with it locally.

Also another Hadoop alternative on .NET is Qizmt from myspace. <- How does it compare. It looks like a Map Reduce framework, but it seems useless without HDFS / Big table filesystem type, as well as one?



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Microsoft is working on Hadoop with HortonWorks. You can see a presentation about this here . I am assuming you will be able to use C # through streams using haops, but the basic plan seems to be to use javascript for hadoop jobs. It is currently available on Azure. Windows Server CTP should be available soon

Regarding Qizmt - I don't know much about it, but a quick look at its repository only shows 2 committers and a GPLv3 license - I probably won't use this



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