Android Testing Project with External Libraries in ADT17

I have a main project that depends on other library projects that use external JARS (which are also used in the main project).

Now with ADT17 I have removed from the main project external libraries that are also used in library projects because they are automatically inherited from the new AD17 Android dependencies (from library projects).

So far, everything is working correctly. The problem is when I want to create a test project for the main project. What I am doing is mark all external jars and android dependencies as exported for inheritance in the test project. But the problem is that Android dependencies, although they are marketable as exported ones, are not inherited from the test project and when I run it I get a Link of class X not found ... make sure it is in apk.

I am adding an image to make it clearer:

(This is a snapshot from the main project libraries. Blue ones are correctly inherited, and red ones are not).

Libraries from the main project.  Blue ones are correctly inherited in test project, red ones not


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It seems like it was a bug in ADT17 with test projects depending on external libraries. I upgraded to ADT18 today and it works correctly without having any lib defined in the test project.



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