Knockoutjs foreach not working in IE 7 and IE 8

I am new to knockout and I have been working on a sample application that displays an array object in a tabular format using foreach. The data is processed correctly in browsers IE9, firefox, chrome, Safari, but the data is not displayed in browsers IE 7 and IE 8. According to the knockoutjs site , they state that knockout works in IE 6+ browsers.

FYI: I referenced the 2.0.0 knockout.js and jquery1.7.1.js files in my sample application. My example code in the above jsfiddle url also fails to display when run, but the same code works correctly in my sample app.

Can anyone know how to make the above sample application in IE 7 and IE 8 browsers? I followed the instructions given in Knockoutjs: Doesn't work in IE7 , but it doesn't work in my sample app.



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Make sure you open and close all tags correctly span

. They need opening and closing tags, for example:<span data-bind="text:'blah'"></span>



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