What are the preload settings for the media player?

The only setting I came across for "preloading" is "no" - what are alternetives?

I have a long movie that takes a while to start (due to the size, I suppose) and I wish it could play faster. I believe that in order to start loading the video right away, loading the page would give the viewer a faster response ...


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The preload attribute is part of the HTML 5 specification. The blog post by Steve Souders discusses valid values ​​and explains how each browser handles the attribute.

  • no preload attribute - no preload specified.
  • preload = 'none' - From the Hints to UA specification that the user does not require video, or that minimizing unnecessary traffic is desirable.
  • preload = 'metadata' - "Tells UA that the user does not need a video, but it is desirable to get its metadata (dimensions, first frame, track list, duration, etc.).
  • preload = 'auto' - "UA hints that optimistically load all videos are considered desirable."
  • preload or preload = '' - The preload attribute was specified, but no value was specified. Specifying an empty string is the same as specifying "auto".

As for the mediaelement player, it depends on whether you are using the default or fallback player. However, to preload some of your video with the default player, you don't want the value to be set to "none".



It says http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/media-element-html5-video-and-audio-player/


Start uploading the video as soon as possible before the user hits the play button.

[video preload = "true"]



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