Retrieving an Object from a Java Swing Component

I was working on a Java Swing project where I need to get the object / instance that the panel created in order to call a simple save method, especially for that instance.

You have a JFrame with a JTabbedPane that has tabs created by creating a class that creates the JPanel and adds it to the JTabbedPane. I need to find a specific instance from the selected JPanel / tab on the JTabbedPane in order to then call its save method.

Any ideas? Thank you for your time!

public class frame extends JFrame implements ActionListener{
 Builds a frame dubbed "frame" that is static.
 Builds a static JTabbedPane dubbed "pane"and adds it to the frame.
 Creates a button that creates a new instance of sheet.

 public void actionPerformed(MAGIC!){
  See if a button on the panel has been pressed and uses the currently selected tab to locate the correct instance of sheet to run it save method.

public class sheet extends JPanel{
 In constructor makes a JPanel and adds it to "pane"

 Describes a save method that outputs a variable unique to the instance.



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I realized that I needed to store the new tab objects in the ArrayList derp. Thanks for your trying guys though!



You can add a field to new JPanels that point to the creator instance. I don't think there is such a method to point to the parent class in the API.

- EDIT-- You can check getSelectedIndex () might be what you are looking for.



Rather than just hooking into the original creator, my approach to doing this was to create / use an interface that explicitly supports persistence. I created something for this in TUS, my sourceforge project

Check Persistable and Persistable2. Of course, everything can be Persistable, but abstraction allows you to get away from explicit links to the creator class.



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