How to know if your computer is on and online

I have a computer configured for magic WOL packets, so the adapter will respond with ICMP. Computer detection doesn't seem like it will provide much useful information as it will always respond even during shutdown. The machine is running Windows 7 and was wondering if there were any small and fast protocols I could use to get information about the state of the computer. Preferably something small and can be implemented quickly as sockets via php / python. The least information I want is whether the computer is off or off.

I am thinking of using MS-HGRP to list all supported systems as I know the machine appears on the home network. But I don't see if there is something much more efficient.


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There was a time when systems implemented a service echo

on a TCP port 7

. If it's still readily available on your computer, it might be as easy as echo foo | nc address echo

seeing if there is an answer. This will be a simple enough service to reimplement if not easily available.



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