Free Hex Editor that allows you to search and replace files in folders and their subfolders, etc.

Looking for something like Neo Hex editor Pro and above, but free, that allows you to replace hexadecimal, string, etc. values ​​for multiple files in folders and their subfolders.

Anything in there?


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Tools find

and sed

can be combined to accomplish some of these tasks, although they won't be very useful if you β€œfeel your way through change” β€”you need to know exactly what you want when you invoke them.

If you want to change 0xDEADBEEF


the whole project, you can do something like this:

find . -type f -name '*pattern*' -exec sed -i -e 's/\xDE\xEA\xBE\xEF/\xCA\xFE\xBA\xBE/g' {} \;


Both find(1)

and sed(1)

incredibly flexible; time spent learning both of them will be perfectly repaid.



My favorite Windows editor is psPad, which includes a hex editor. It can be found in files ... and someone posted a bug a couple of years ago that psPad was ignoring null bytes, 00 when searching in a hex file.

I tried this and you will need to insert ascii characters representing the pattern you are looking for. Searching for 'a' in c: \ php folder got interesting results: screen capture of psPad searching hex files



It may have been 4 years, but PowerGrep for Windows does what you're looking for. Hopefully this can help others as I had exactly this problem today.

The link to the page showing binary search will show you how to do this. Basically what you need to do is open the powergrep gui, while the confusing array of options, in the combat panel, you can see the Search Type: "Simple Search" β†’ "Find and Replace". After this change Search Type: "Literal Text" β†’ "Binary Data" and in the left pane select "File Formats:" Native Format ... "->" none "

An example of a simple search and replace



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