Delphi: XML Node goes EInvalidPointer When I try to access it

I am trying to load node just to check for EInvalidPointer error on Delphi.

My "xml" goes like this:

    <Race Index="1">
        <RaceName>Race #1</RaceName>
        <Criteria Index="1">
            <Name>Criteria #1</Name>
            <Criteria Index="2">
                <Name>Criteria #2</Name>


I can't even read the DocumentElement.

I google everywhere, but I'm at the end. Can't seem to find a solution remotely adapted to what I'm going through.

Code used to "read":

FormSkeletonMaker.XMLDocumentFile.Active := True;
iNode := FormSkeletonMaker.XMLDocumentFile.ChildNodes.FindNode('GenInfo');


right now it goes like this. I am barely testing the downloadability of this document (it was made in the same program).


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1 answer

If the property DocumentElement

fails, then the object pointer FormSkeletonMaker

or is XMLDocumentFile




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