Openencart Fundamentals - Can I write a custom controller to use in a view or do I need to use modules?

I am working on an Opencart theme and find that I need access to different variables than the ones provided by the default controllers.

For example, in the Category view, I would like to access the full product image, not the thumbnail that the controller provides by default.

From Wordpress I would use just a function call to get a different image size, but my guess is that in MVC this function should be in the controller.

However, I see no way to write a custom controller and editing the original means huge problems when upgrading.

As the main question, is the only solution to write a module? Is this good practice when developing a theme for opencart? For some reason I didn't find a very clear explanation of how I should work with opencart themes (a la wordpress codex).


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It doesn't need to be done in the controller at all, the view can access the same information as the controller. You just need to use this in the product outline

$prod = $this->model_catalog_product->getProduct($product['product_id']);
$full_image = empty($prod['image']) ? 'no_image.jpg' : $prod['image'];


Please note that you must resize the image using the tool / image model resizing method according to the dimensions you want to fit.



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