Rails AB testing with a "split" gem: negative numbers on unfinished ...?

I am using split gem on rails. the usage is pretty simple:


<% signin_mode = ab_test( 'log in style','LogIn_ATest','LogIn_BTest' )%> 
Do something according to signin_mode...



finished("log in style", :reset=> FALSE)


Simple test, no problem. However, my second test gives negative numbers in incomplete columns and only in the first experiment (marked as control).

How can this be negative ...? Did I miss something?



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When you use the option :reset => false

, the user will be unable to complete the re-conversion that is currently being calculated against the totals.

I suspect the desired usage behavior :reset => false

is that the user will no longer be able to increment the completion counter?



Well, a possible workaround is to use the data reset button (works in 1 out of 1 case ...: ^).
Apparently there is a problem with the original data ...

HTH someone ...



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