How to set traceflags in dbexpress SQL Monitor

Is it correct that traceflags don't work in SQLMonitor? I tried to use them in XE2 with Firebird and it seems to me that they are not implemented at all. TSQLMonitor published properties commented on traceflags.

    property Active: Boolean read FActive write SetActive default False;
    property AutoSave: Boolean read FAutoSave write FAutoSave default False;
    property FileName: string read FFileName write SetFileName;
    property OnLogTrace: TTraceLogEvent read FOnLogTrace write FOnLogTrace;
    property OnTrace: TTraceEvent read FOnTrace write FOnTrace;
{   property TraceFlags not supported in DBExpress 1.0 }
    property TraceList: TStrings read FTraceList write SetTraceList stored False;
    property SQLConnection: TSQLConnection read FSQLConnection write SetSQLConnection;


And when they always go through TraceLevel 5 and TraceFlag 256 in the OnLogTrace and OnTrace events. I know I can use the DelegateConnection TSQLConnection as an alternative, but these are only traces in the file and I wanted it to go through the note. Any pointers would be helpful.

Thank you in advance



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