gccfilter and gcc 4.7.2 doesn't work, stops compilation

I have successfully installed gccfilter ( http://www.mixtion.org/gccfilter/ ) in my toolchain . The filter should work because all perl modules and other components have been installed, the problem is that it doesn't work as expected when I use, for example, the following command line:

gccfilter -c -a  g++    -std=c++11 -O3 -DNDEBUG -I/"tonnes of includes"   -o CMakeFiles/...../main.cpp.o
-c  /...path.../App/main.cpp
                 from .../SceneParser.hpp:12,
                 from .../SimulationManager.hpp:12,
                 from .../main.cpp:8:
_ <-- Cursor is here


It compiles, but after the error message it does nothing, the cursor is on the bottom line and nothing happens? So the tool doesn't work, I am using gcc 4.7.2. I'm not really sure where the problem might be?


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