AngularJS $ window.confirm not working in Chrome

  .controller('pancakeController', ['$scope', '$window', function($scope, $window) {

    $scope.panCakes = [];

    $scope.removePancake = function(index) {

      if($window.confirm('are you sure?')) {
        $scope.panCakes.splice(index, 1);
      } else {
        $scope.panCakes.splice(index, 1);




already defined in another file. I am using angular.module('myApp')

to get a link to it.

Trying to use window.confirm()

panCake to validate user before deleting file but confrim field doesn't appear in Chrome 37.0.2062.94 but works in Chrome Canary. I am using AngularJS $ window object, but using regular window.confirm doesn't work either. Is there something I'm missing in my code or just a bug in this particular version of Chrome?


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The most likely reason is that at some point you checked the little checkbox that says you don't want to see more warnings / confirmations / prompts from this page.

<sub> (Among other solutions, closing a tab and reopening the page in a new tab should restore warnings / confirmations / prompts.) Sub>



I am working on the same chrome version as you and the above code did not work in the script as you had a syntax error in your angular.module definition

It should be






Working script



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