$ Metadata with OAP attribute attribute for WebAPi does not work

I am using OData Attribute Routing for OData endpoint. Here's an example of what I have:

public class ProfileODataController : ODataController
    public IHttpActionResult Get()
        var repo = new Repositories.ProfileRepository();

        return Ok(repo.GetProfiles());

    public IHttpActionResult Get([FromODataUri] string key)
        var repo = new Repositories.ProfileRepository();

        var result = repo.GetProfiles().SingleOrDefault(x => x.Id== key);
        if (result == null) return NotFound();

        return Ok(result);


Here's my setup:

config.MapODataServiceRoute("odata", "odata", ModelGenerator.GetEdmModel());


Here is my generation of EdmModel:

public static IEdmModel GenerateEdmModel()
    var builder = new ODataConventionModelBuilder();

    builder.EntitySet<Profile>("Profile").EntityType.HasKey(x => x.Id);

    return builder.GetEdmModel();


The urls /odata/Profile

and /odata/Profile('someid')

work, but when I try to access the $ metadata ( /odata/$metadata#Profile

) endpoint , I get the following error:

{"Message": "No HTTP resource found that matches the request URI" http: // **** / odata / $ metadata ".," MessageDetail ":" No type was found that matches a controller named "Metadata ". "}

Do I need to create a controller / action to serve the metadata? If so, how is this action implemented?


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It turns out it has something to do with my replacement IAssembliesResolver


I implemented my own version to only expose the component assemblies into which I injected the controllers. However, as the error said, it could not find the controller named MetadataController

. It turns out OData implements one: System.Web.OData.MetadataController

which provides the keyword $metadata


Since I did my own IAssembliesResolver

, the build System.Web.OData

didn't turn on but rather $metadata

crashed. Once I discovered this and updated my collector to explicitly include the OData assembly, it now works as it should.



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