Invalid Deployment Profile Profile: Xcode 6 injects it on submission

I updated last night to Xcode 6 GM. So I have a mac app that includes a helper app. I know there should only be one provisioning profile per package, so I excluded it in the helper application. If I look in the .xarchive of the product, it is clean of profiles (there is only one or no profiles - tried both)

But to me it somehow seems like Xcode 6 GM includes the profile when you hit submit through the organizer.

Submission Screen

As you can see, it adds the provisioning profile to both binaries (red rectangle) in the package and there is no way to avoid this.

I am including a helper application through the Ressource copy creation phase for: "Contents / Library / LoginItems"

What am I doing wrong? Is this an Xcode issue or is my configuration not correct?


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Ok, here's a workaround that's far from ideal, but it works for now (unless you're in Yosemite, I guess).

  • Rename XCode 6 to something like
  • Download XCode 5 from the App Store (downloads as at / Apps)
  • Open XCode 6, make sure you are NOT signing the Helper app, then create an archive and close XCode 6
  • Open XCode 5, open Organizer, and navigate to Apple as usual.
  • Profit!

Note. Even though this works, I really hope Apple decides it breaks XCode 6, as this process will most likely break with Yosemite.

EDIT : Apple bug report posted (rdar: // 18318295)



This issue (is) seems to be fixed with Xcode 6.01

It does not embed the profile in the corresponding helper application:

enter image description here

This seems to solve the problem



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