Pure CSS Parallax Scrolling Effect for Chrome for Android

Keith Clark wrote a great minimal demo showing parallax scrolling effect using only CSS c perspective: 1px

, overflow-y: auto

and container c width: 100vw


However, if you go to this page using Chrome for Android (I have not tried other mobile devices, comments are welcome), it won't work. I am on Chrome 37.0.2062.117, Android 4.4.4, Nexus 4.

I've tried it -webkit-

. This doesn't work for demonstration.

there is one related question on the site , but it also doesn't work in Chrome for Android. There is no parallax scrolling on my phone.

Can anyone suggest a demo based solution that is pure CSS and works in Chrome for Android?


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Turns out this is just a bug in Chrome M37. Version 38 works just fine!



http://www.skullysystems.com is the only website that I know has a solution that works in all browsers, I'm not sure if this is the library they are using or if a custom script they built. You can try reverse engineering what they have created.



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