Error 13 with Foundation when trying to start Grunt

Running the "sass: dist" task (sass)

Warning: bower_components / foundation / scss / foundation / functions: 13: error: error reading> values ​​after) Use -force to continue.

Aborted due to warnings.

Take a look below for a solution.


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So, I found a solution to this error thanks to:

Michael Degley-Angeli

(9/11/2014) - Looks like Micheal removed his post from the following link / thread

Turns out this is a bug with Foundation and just started today. (9/10/2014)


Just remove! global from line 13 to

bower_components / base / scs / base / _functions.scss

and run grunt like so:


Note. Be careful if your bower.json compiles with the latest Foundation.



Uninstall problem! global is that I have a very long compiled output file with a lot of duplicate stuff. Just use the inspector in Chrome and you will see ... I can't find another solution at the moment ...



Just updating grunt-sass seems to do the trick, see Paul Angus's answer on the Zurb forum

npm install --save-dev grunt-sass

Then it grunt build

should compile without error.



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