GEt Steam or CSGO backpack / inventory using steam API

Is it possible to get full

> (753) or CsGo (730) full backpack / inventory using Steam API?

I found the API where I get the full Dota2 backpack / inventory (570) TF2 (440)

Here is the API:

URL : / GetSchema / v0001 /? key = {api_key}

When I add steam or csgo appid, this API returns "NOT FOUND". Also, I'm looking for a lot of APIs regarding this, but haven't found one that should help me get all the items.

I found many APIs regarding this which should give me a specific user's CSGO backpack.

Here's one API.

URL : {api_key} & SteamID = {steam_id64}

From this api I can get a backpack with a steam user other than steam (753). I've also searched a lot of APi about this, but the result is the same.

I know there are no official apis to get CSGO items, but then, where many websites show a full csgo backpack on the trading and betting website.

If anyone knows how to get this please answer my question.


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You can create an API url using this statement:

string.Format("{0}/inventory/json/{1}/{2}/", steamid.ConvertToUInt64(), appid, contextId)


However, if you are using SteamBot , there is no need to do this manually. The class GenericInventory

processes automatically and automatically processes the request.



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