Android Wear: customizable pre-transition notification format

I am using a custom notification layout on Android Wear by setting


When the user selects this layout, I go out to a full screen activity on Wearable. The custom activity embedded in the notification is stopped and cleared before the new full screen slide transition activity is shown. This leaves an ugly black box inside the notification container that used to be filled with inline activity. The same happens when scrolling to close the fullscreen activity - the crossfade transition shows an empty notification container during the transition and only then restarts the inline activity.

Is there a way to prevent this? I can start a full screen activity with a flag FLAG_ACTIVITY_NO_ANIMATION

, but that doesn't solve the problem when scrolling to dismiss it, and ideally I would like to keep the transitions.

I tried setting the theme

fullscreen action to semi-transparent, hoping that it would only stop the previous operation, not stop it, but it is still stopped and cleared.


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